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The secret to get this exclusive sensation lies in find the perfect balance between handmade elaboration, the best raw materials, and the optimal technology currently available.

Our rest systems are designed to provide the best comfort sensation on the market. To that end, our master artisans make every inch of the mattress by hand, transmitting all their knowledge from more than 30 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality rest systems

From the conception of a product, to the aesthetic design of the exterior finish, going through to the selection of the best natural materials... all the creation phases of Smattex products aspire to Excellence.


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Our master artisans use the inspiration, obtained after decades of experience, to

create unique pieces with their own style.

An adjustable bed allows us to enjoy more activities in it besides sleeping: watching television, reading a book, browsing with your electronic device, having breakfast, etc...

The best rest set involves not only having a mattress with the best qualities, but that it must be accompanied by a quality base that enhances it.


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Designed for people who want all the qualities of an authentic handcrafted model combined de un modelo auténti-camente artesanal, combinado...

Boreal mattress has a natural comfort thanks to its 100% natural latex core. This model has a special concept design...