Sleeping in a Smattex bed is more than just getting a perfect rest. It is understanding that life is full of small details that make a difference. It is understanding that expertly handcrafted products come with little treasures, combining technological advances and new materials with traditional and unique craftsmanship. It is understanding that true perfection only comes from excellent results only in a Smattex bed can you experience absolute comfort and a restful sleep.
Creating a rest ritual by regulating our schedules and times, doing moderate physical activity and maintaining healthy eating habits are essential prerequisites to a good rest.

It is also important to take care of the surroundings: neutral colors, adequate temperature, comfortable furniture ... There are an endless elements that influence our sleep.
But without a doubt, the key to a good night's sleep is our rest and relaxation process. At Smattex, we offer you premium mattresses made with the finest materials, exclusive and personalized bases, and new and modern headboards ... In short, we are the best solution for making sure that your nights are an experience of maximum comfort and well-being.

Our experience.

Combining tradition and technology

We design our rest systems to deliver absolute comfort. With this in mind, our master craftsmen handcraft every inch of the mattress to transmit their more than 30 years of high quality manufacturing. The secret to achieving this exclusive sensation lies in finding the perfect balance between handcrafted manufacturing, the best raw materials, and the best technology currently available.