Discover Smattex

& dream of an authentic experience

Our rest systems are designed to provide the best comfort sensation on the market. To that end, our master artisans make every inch of the mattress by hand, transmitting all their knowledge from more than 30 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality rest systems.

The secret to get this exclusive sensation lies in find the perfect balance between handmade elaboration, the best raw materials, and the optimal technology currently available.

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Making and creating legacy since 1989

Our history continues to evolve but remains always guided by the same innovative spirit

and by the determination to make the best products.

Sustainable and committed

to the environment

Respect for nature and the environment are essential for Smattex.

We design our products using the best materials that nature offers us,

but always in a sustainable way to protect the planet and respect it.

Genuine comfort experience

Sleeping in a Smattex bed means more than just getting a perfect rest, it means understanding that life is full of small details that make a difference.

We design true art pieces

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Our master artisans use the inspiration, obtained after decades of experience, to create unique pieces with their own style.

The best rest to live better

A quality bed is essential for a good rest, our lifestyle can also help to improve it.

Create a rest ritual, perform physical activity in a moderate way and have food healthy habits, are some fundamental requirements to succumb to a good rest.