Our inspiration

Natural Products

Nature is wise, that’s why we are inspired by it

We are convinced that natural is better for our well-being. The components created by nature offer the optimal properties to guarantee the best rest.

For that reason, at Smattex we design our beds using a maximum of natural components, always prioritizing them over materials that have undergone some type of transformation process. At the same time, we only select those natural components in which the supplier guarantees a sustainable exploitation that avoids the depletion of natural resources.

Smattex has spent years working and improving the incorporation of natural raw materials in its products. The experience gained allows us to include in our offer mattresses and bases that we call 100% natural.


Sustainable production with the best materials that nature provides us

Nature has spent thousands of years creating the best components for the rest. We have simply selected and combined them into

our beds to offer all its benefits.

Fine cotton, silk, wool, linen,... the best natural fibers for achieve extraordinary sensations, and make the most of the functional qualities characteristics of the raw materials that make up the padding.

Natural Fibers

Linen_ The origin of the linen we use is Spanish, from the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Linen, like cotton, is made mostly of cellulose. It is capable of absorb 20% more water without acquiring a wet touch. At the same time, it is resistant and very fresh. Another of its advantages is that it is a material that doesn’t accumulate static electricity, which will favor rest, providing a very natural sleep.

Wool _ We use natural wool from Spain, mostly from Extremadura area, obtaining the fleeces from the Merino sheep, this being one of the best wools produced today and which has been used for centuries. Its elasticity, comfort and softness are some of its main qualities that have made this wool one of the most used at the rest industry.

Cashmere _ This wool is collected from the combing of the Cashmere goat. One of its best qualities is its thermal value, it protects us from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer, turning our bed into a thermal paradise. The thick pile of this wool has this conception as it can withstand temperatures of +40º during the day and -40º at night.

Cotton _ Its most outstanding qualities are the moisture evacuation, maximum perspiration, resistance to tearing, its elasticity and its insulating property that prevents the possibility of allergic reactions.

Silk _ It is a material that stands out for its great softness and resistance. It is a dermatologically tested product and highly recommended for cases of very sensitive skin. Silk is a fantastic thermo regulator, which is why its use inside mattresses is determinant in terms of their air conditioning.

Bamboo _ The bamboo fiber is extremely soft, which provides us with a greater softness, also thanks to its structure it favors the perspiration of the core and helps the absorption of humidity.

Mohair _ Coming from the Angora, a goat from Tibet, the delicate mohair fiber is generated. Excellent insulator that absorbs and releases humidity from the air, it is cool in summer and warm in winter with great natural resistance.

Horsehair _ The horsehair included in our mattresses acts as a natural and highly efficient ventilation system. This system funnel the air to the outside, evacuating humidity. Lie down on a Smattex horsehair mattress is a real luxury.


The spirit and passion that identifies our brand

An idea runs from the beginning to the end of the process creating our products: Excellence.

From the conception of a product, to the aesthetic design of the exterior finish, going through to the selection of the best natural materials... all the creation phases of Smattex products aspire to Excellence.


We create long-lasting products and experiences that last in memory

Time passes deliciously in our workshop. No hurry. Each Smattex bed requires the time that the precision of the hands of our artisan masters need. Time in which experience accumulates both in the hands and in the products.

Because experience requires time, the long time that our clients will enjoy in the shape of sweet and comfortable dreams.