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Our bases

Descanso, confort y estética

At Smattex we are aware that the best rest set involves not only having a mattress with the best qualities, but that it must be accompanied by a quality base that enhances it.

Our range of bases has all the options we need to personalize our rest, not only in terms of comfort but also look.

The ideal base

At Smattex we understand that the rest set (mattress + base + pillow) is essential to achieve a highest quality rest. That is why we design and manufacture our bases as part of this set, starting from the best raw material for the manufacture of our bases, natural wood.

What does a base bring to my rest?


The base is an indispensable piece of rest equipment and must work together with the mattress and pillow.

The bed is also a decorative element


In addition to offering a good rest, the bed is part of the bedroom decoration.

Being able to choose the aesthetic finishing (fabrics, wood, legs, headboards,...) allows the integration of the bed into any lifestyle.

Bases Adjustables

Beds that improve your quality of life

Do you live alone or with your partner? Do you like to have breakfast in bed? Do you work at home? Are you an athlete? Do you enjoy reading before sleep? You are special, Smattex knows it, and we have a bed for you. Whatever it is your lifestyle, Smattex adjustable beds help you improve it:

bases adjustables




Storage Divan


Box Spring

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Modular Bases

An innovative concept

modular bases

This new concept introduced by Smattex takes the customization of our bed to a higher level of comfort and look.